Advertising in magazine Brands&Stories

Why advertise in Brands&Stories professional magazine?

- The magazine directly reaches high-level spenders (company owners and managers) who have their hobbies (brand news section) – B2C.
- Direct communication towards decision makers – B2B (equipment, retail solutions - the reader has demand for respective professional services and products).
- Professional dedicated readers – marketing specialists, top management, agencies, desogners, architects, retail professionals just to name few.

Mediaplan for year 2021

No. of edition Edition closing date Distribution
2021/05/21 2021/06/16
2021/08/20 2021/09/15
2021/11/5 2021/12/02

Technical specification for advertising data

We accept files on data disks, sent by email or via ftp. The files must be 300 dpi PDF CMYK colouring, composite, centered. Crop marks shift 15 pt, print marks min. 5mm off the bleed. All text files in Word format, logo in eps or ai format, transfer all text/fonts into curves. Images are accepted as eps, jpg, tiff and in 300 dpi CMYK colouring.

Advertising formates

Special program for presenting brands in the Brands part

For your brand presentation you may purchase a site on pages 1 – 8 in our magazine. In addition to this you may also purchase our exclusive pages – 1st cover page, 2nd cover page for discounted price.

In our technical part - STORIES - we offer following forms of advertizing


Inserted advertisements

Premium for special placement - 20%
Payment in advance - 10%
Graphic design and other services available.

Advertising cancellation fees

5 days (120 hrs) before the closing date: 40 % of the contracted price.
After the closing date: 70 % of the contracted price.
Any cancellation must be done in written!
- Price list available in our Sales department on obchod@b-s-c.
- Tailor-made quotation.

Not claimed working materials will not be returned. The publisher is not responsible for the content of advertisement and commercial inserts.
Reproducing or distribution of the magazine and its articles only with writen permition of the magazine publisher.
The magazine cosists of two parts: Brands and Stories. The magazine has targeted distribution.
Newly is the part Brands sold in newspaper stand in Prague.

Purchase of print copy - the both parts of magazine (order of 10 pcs and more) for 50 CZK incl. VAT/ 1 copy.
Anual subscription is 400 CZK incl.VAT / 4 release a year.

Brands&Stories core data

Distribution issue: 4 000 copies
Direct readership: 10 000 professional readers annually
Published: 4 times per year

Circulation mix

58 % marketing managers
37 % directors, company owners
5 % paid associations, agencies, schools, advertisers 

Print issue

Distirubution by virtue of media partnerships of various conferences, workshops, trade fairs, events.
Magazine acquisition by means of sales representatives.