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About magazine

Brands&Stories is a trade magazine about brands and stores. The “Brands” component tells a particular brand’s story, informs readers about the company’s philosophy, important and interesting moments in its development, as well as the latest relevant news. It makes a positive impression on the reader which translates into brand-confidence. There are several brands represented in each issue, but only one in a particular field.

In the second part, “Stor(i)es,” the letter „i“ is optically suppressed so the word „stores“ emerges. Here information about a store’s concept, trending in interior design and layout, advertising and promotion, marketing and communication are presented. Readers are familiarized with current concepts of quality shopping at home and abroad. Stor(i)es holds tremendous value for retail owners or managers as well as marketing specialists.

Brands&Stories magazine was conceived also as a medium for franchising concepts, either existing or emerging. Each has an opportunity to introduce the brand to potential franchisees. We work closely with professional associations such as POPAI Central Europe (Point of Purchase Advertising International), EHI Retail Institute or the Czech Franchising Association. They all have their own regular sections.

Welcome to the world of Brands!

Brands&Stories is published 4 times a year as a direct marketing magazine to approximately 4000 brands and store managers, directors etc. Circulation of the magazine is close to 4000 with about 500 issues being given away at a variety of functions or events relevant to specific brands. It is possible to use inserts as well. Brands offer a unique opportunity for B2B communication with our economically strong and professional readership, often the end-client at the same time. Primary advertisers include fashion, cosmetics, electronics, car making, banking; mobile operators, insurance companies and top performers in other fields are also represented. Stor(i)es advertisers include those providing goods or services to retailers, and in-store promotion.